Child Care Continuing Education & Qualifications

NZ is striving to have 100% qualified teachers working in early childhood through a series of ways, including child care continuing education. The video states, “We need to invest in quality early childhood education to give every child the best start in life. High quality ECE is the foundation for good social and communication skills, emotional well being and a love of learning which children need throughout their lives. For every dollar invested in a child’s early childhood education, there are up to $17 saved in welfare and justice system costs later in life. ECE is not just a good investment for children, it makes sense for everyone.”

What are your thoughts on this? Should absolutely all child care providers and daycare providers be 100% qualified? We put these questions out there on our Facebook Page and got some interesting feedback, shown below.

Child care continuing Education conversation

One of the challenges in America is that each state has different requirements, but the conversation behind ECE and child care continuing education is exciting to see. We found this video to be thought-provoking and the responses to it even more interesting. So we’d encourage you to share the with your friends. If you are a child care educator/provider, make sure to check out our child care continuing education courses and thanks for stopping by our blog!

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