Being a daycare provider, I am always looking for ways to make my job easier. The best way to make my job go better is to have children who behave themselves and get along with each other. We all know that children will often try to test their boundaries and it’s not always smooth sailing. But, what is the best method to try and achieve harmony?

I think we can all agree that time-out has it’s time and place. But, I have found that little rewards can sometimes accomplish what minutes in time out cannot. As stated above, kids do want to test their boundaries but for the most part they also want to please you.

Specials Bribery & The Classroom

I started giving little rewards that I call “specials” when certain goals have been met. I go to Goodwill and buy a sack of little toys for a couple of dollars. Usually it will have 40 to 50 little toys. Getting a little toy for being good is an incentive but not getting one is a BIG incentive. Once they don’t get their “special”, they work really hard to be good the next time. So is it bribary? Yes, but in my book a little reward goes a long way. So bribe away!