Childcare has always been an issue of significant importance but today it’s a necessity for most families.  If you are child care provider, you are a hot item as the demand for child care is on the rise!  The child care industry is thriving in the midst of our bad economy and providers are seeing major signs of job security.

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Here are four reasons why there is a High Demand for Childcare Providers by your friends here at Childcare Classroom

  1. 1. Working Families: The majority of American households today, especially those with young children, depend on two incomes.  This is putting mothers out in the workforce requiring families to entrust their children to child care providers. Only 1 generation ago, half of all children had a stay-at-home parent!
  2. 2. More Single Parent Homes: Whether single moms or spilt families, there has been an increase in single parents. These parents are working hard to support their families, some working full time and attending school or even working two jobs. Most single parents depend on good, reliable childcare.
  3. 3. Early Education is Important!:  90% of children’s brain growth takes place before they enter Kindergarten.  Quality preschool improves the ability of children to succeed in school.
  4. 4. Today’s Job Market: Just as in many professions, educators are facing job cuts and struggle to find employment.  What better way to solve this problem than open your own childcare business? With our society having such a huge need for childcare, your sure to replace your income!

Families are also being more selective in choosing a quality child care provider.  Be sure to keep up with your continuing education at childcare classroom, visit out class list and register today.