Stop That Bullying

Stop That Bullying (3 credit hours)

Every day, children are victims of bullying. Bullying isn’t just something that older kids do, it can start as early as preschool age. Dealing with bullies is not what a preschooler is equipped to do. Exposure to bullying can cause mental health issues that not only effect a child’s ability to learn, but can also impact their lives for years to come. As care givers, it is imperative to gain an awareness of bullying behaviors and to implement prevention and intervention programs that help promote pro-social behavior

This course will provide the skills you need to actively and continuously fight against bullying behaviors that negatively impact the overall classroom environment. It is imperative that we ensure the educational success of all children and foster a safe learning environment. These core concepts will allow care givers to prevent bullying behaviors before they start and intervene when incidences of bullying occur.


Stop That Bullying – Social and Emotional Development – (3hrs) - $15.00