Car Seat Safety – Health, Safety & Nutrition (1 Hr)

Car Seat Safety - Health, Safety and Nutrition - 1 Credit Hours

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Parents want to know that their children are safe at all times and especially when they are in your car. Safety should be the first priority in everything you do as a childcare professional. This class covers the usage and installation of car seats. All car seats are a little different so this class is not inclusive of all seats. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with your specific car seat. If you have questions on whether or not the seat is installed properly, check with your local fire or police department.

In this class you will be asked to read a series of articles and/or watch videos concerning car seat safety. Some articles have videos included within the article. Don’t forget to watch these videos as there are questions about them on the test. At the end of the class, you will take a final test. You must receive an 80% score to earn your certificate. Once again, you can take the test as many times as needed to pass by clicking on “Restart Quiz”. Once you have passed the test, a certificate will appear. Click on the downward pointing arrow under the small printer icon on the left side of the page under the certificate to download the certificate. Then print the certificate. Please complete the class survey so we know how we are doing and what we can do to make your experience better. A record of completion of the class will be kept in your user account along with a copy of the certificate. You may reprint your certificate at any time upon completion of the class.

Click on the button below and read the article “Car Seats: Information for Families: 2013” at healthy If a popup window appears asking for a password, just click on cancel and the article will appear.

Let’s learn more about car seat safety, click on the button below and read the article “Car Seat Safety: Avoid 10 common mistakes” by the Mayo Clinic. This is a two page article.

Now click the button below and watch the video on “How to install an Infant car seat” by Safe Kids USA

Click the button below and watch “Install a Toddler Car Seat” by Safe Kids USA

Last but not least, watch the video “How to Install a Booster Seat” by Safe Kids USA

Final Exam

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