Dynamics of Discipline – Child Guidance (4 Hrs)

Dynamics of Discipline - 4 Credit Hours

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How do you keep control of your daycare kids? It is one thing to discipline your own children but it becomes a more sensitive issue when you need to discipline other people’s children. This class is broken down into six sections that will give you an idea as to what may be appropriate discipline techniques for different age groups and the different struggles that may arise in your own daycare.

In this class you will be asked to read a series of articles and/or watch videos concerning discipline. Some articles have videos included within the article. Don’t forget to watch these videos as there are questions about them on the test. At the end of each section, you will take a quiz on the material that you read or watched. Don’t worry; these quizzes are used to help you identify the important elements of what you have learned. You may take the quiz as many times as you wish by clicking on the “Restart Quiz” button. Once you feel comfortable with the material, click on the “Return to Class” button to move forward and start the next section. At the end of the class, you will take a final test consisting of the questions you have answered along the way. You must receive an 80% score to earn your certificate. Once again, you can take the test as many times as needed to pass by clicking on “Restart Quiz”. Once you have passed the test, a certificate will appear. Click on "Download Certificate" and then print the certificate from the download. Please complete the class survey so we know how we are doing and what we can do to make your experience better. A record of completion of the class will be kept in your user account along with a copy of the certificate. You may reprint your certificate at any time upon completion of the class.

Section 1 – Infant Discipline

Can babies learn discipline? The answer is yes. Read the article “Teaching Baby Discipline” at What to Expect.com by clicking on the button below.

Discipline actually means teaching not punishing. Click on the button below and read the article “Your one-Year-Old: Beginning Discipline” at Family Education and learn some great rules on discipline. Be sure to read both pages!

Everyone needs boundaries – even babies. Read the article “Setting Limits for Your Baby” also from Family Education.

Watch the video “Baby Discipline" from the Go To Mom by clicking below.

Let’s see what you learned in section 1. Click on the button below to take the first quiz.

Section 2 – Toddler Discipline

We will now focus on toddlers. Read the article “Setting Limits With Toddlers – The Choices They Can’t Make” by Janet Lansbury, by clicking on the following button.

Now watch the video by Ari Brown, MD entitled “Parenting Tips – How to Discipline Children”

Just saying no sometimes doesn’t work. Read the article “7 Secrets of Toddler Discipline” by Stephanie Watson at Web MD. Be sure to read all three pages

Watch the video “What's the most appropriate way to discipline a toddler?” by Karen Jackson, Pediatric NP with Intermountain Healthcare and find out some suggestions that you can use to teach your children about limits.

Read the article “Toddler Discipline” by Stephanie Brown at about.com and learn some ideas to guide the toddlers behavior in your daycare.

You have completed section 2. Take the quiz by clicking on the button below.

Section 3 – Power Struggles, Arguing and Tantrums

Do you argue with the kids in your daycare? Read the article “Power Struggles with Toddlers: Taming Your Tiny Tyrant” By Tia Benjamin at education.com and find some solutions to this everyday problem.

Watch the video “Terrible Twos, Surviving the Power Struggles” at Health Science Channel and learn some survival techniques.

Keeping with the “arguing” theme, read the article “4 Ways to Curb Your Child's Endless Arguing” By Sharon Silver at popsugar.com.

What about temper tantrums? Watch the video “How To Stop Kids From Arguing” from Janada Clark MA.

Here is another article on controlling temper tantrums. Read the article “9 Fast Ways to Stop Temper Tantrums” by What to Expect. There are 8 panels to read so make sure you click on the “next” button and read all the panels.

Here is one more video on dealing with tantrums. Watch the video “How to deal with toddler tantrums"

Now check to see what you learned by clicking on the button and taking the quiz.

Section 4 – Time Out

Time out is a widely accepted method for discipline. To begin this section, click on the button below and read the article “Time Out” by Stephanie Brown at about.com parenting. Be sure to read all 4 pages.

Here are some rules for time outs. Watch the video “Parenting Tips - How to Give Time-Outs” by Dr. Brown from Parents Magazine.

You have now completed the section on time outs. Click on the button below to take the quiz and see what you have learned.

Section 5 – Disciplining in Public and Choosing Appropriate Consequences

We have all had it happen. We are in the store with our kids and someone starts acting up. How do you handle it? Read the article “Disciplining a Child in Public” by Elizabeth Danish at Health Guidance for some insights.

Does a child need time out or does he need redirecting. Read the article “Choose Appropriate Consequences for Misbehavior” at Family Education.com to find out. Be sure to read both pages.

You have now completed the section 5. Click on the button below to take the quiz and see what you have learned.

Section 6 – Positive Versus Negative Discipline

We all should all now understand that discipline is in fact teaching. Read the article “Strengthening Good Behaviors and Reducing Bad Behaviors” at family education.com and find out when to be positive and when to be negative.

Watch the video “Catch Good Behaviors” By Dr. Rene Hackney and find out how to give positive feedback for good behavior.

We just watched a video on catching good behavior. Let’s learn how to use more positive reinforcement by reading the article “Use Positive Reinforcement” family education.com.

What are “pro-active” discipline techniques? Watch Dr. Hackney explain by clicking on the button and watching the video “Positive Directions”.

Discipline can also be harmful if not done properly. Read the article “Eight Destructive Discipline Techniques” at family education.com

You have now completed the section on positive versus negative discipline. Click on the button below to take the quiz and see what you have learned.

Final Exam

Now that you have completed the material, click on the following button to take the final exam. You must receive an 80% grade to pass the class. Don’t worry; you may take the test as many times as needed to receive 80% by clicking on the "Restart Quiz" button. WHEN YOU PASS THE TEST, A CERTIFICATE WILL APPEAR. CLICK ON “DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE” AND THEN PRINT IT.


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