Shaken Baby Syndrome – Health, Safety & Nutrition (1 Hr)

Shaken Baby Syndrome - 1 Credit Hour

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What is Shaken Baby Syndrome and how can it be prevented? Shaken baby syndrome can be labeled many different things but it really is an injury to a child’s brain. It is imperative that all childcare providers not only understand that it is not ok to ever shake a baby or administer any form of physical punishment but to recognize the signs that a child may have been subjected to these things.

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Please click on the button below to read the article “Abusive Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome) by Marjorie Hershberger at There are 4 pages so be sure to click on the next page button at the bottom of each page.

Now watch the video “Never Shake: Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome by the Missouri CTF by clicking below.

Click on the button and watch the video “How to Calm a Crying Baby” by Desmond Runyon, MD at

Finally, watch the video “Shaken Baby Syndrome” by The Nebraska DHHS

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