SIDS Prevention – Health, Safety & Nutrition (1 Hr)

SIDS Prevention - 1 Credit Hour

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What is SIDS and how can it be prevented? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the leading killers of infant children. Statistically a child is more at risk when being taken care of by a non-parent. In this class you will learn what SIDS is and what steps you as a childcare provider can take to prevent it. Some of the information is repetitive however each article gives some different information and suggestions.

In this class you will be asked to read articles and/or watch videos concerning the prevention of SIDS. At the end of the class, you will take a final test consisting of the questions about the material you have studied along the way. You must receive an 80% score to earn your certificate. You can take the test as many times as needed to pass by clicking on “Restart Quiz”. Once you have passed the test, a certificate will appear. Click on the downward pointing arrow under the small printer icon on the left side of the page under the certificate to download the certificate. Then print the certificate. Please complete the class survey so we know how we are doing and what we can do to make your experience better. A record of completion of the class will be kept in your user account along with a copy of the certificate. You may reprint your certificate at any time upon completion of the class.

Click on the button below and read the short article “What Everyone Needs to Know: Facts About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” at the SIDS Network.

How can you reduce the risk of SIDS in your daycare? Read the article “SIDS: Reducing your Baby’s Risk” at the Baby Center by clicking on the button. There are 4 pages to this article so be sure to click on the bottom of each page for the next page. There is also a video on the first page. Watch the video first and then read the material.

Now watch the video “Baby Sleep Safety: Reduce the Risk Of SIDS” and then read the article “New Ways to Reduce the Risk of SIDS”. Both of these are on the same page and are presented by Jan Sheehan from Parents Magazine.

Final Exam

Now that you have completed the material, click on the following button to take the final exam. You must receive an 80% grade to pass the class. Don’t worry; you may take the test as many times as needed to receive 80% by clicking on the "Restart Quiz" button. WHEN YOU PASS THE TEST, A CERTIFICATE WILL APPEAR. CLICK ON THE DOWNWARD POINTING ARROW UNDER THE SMALL PRINTER ICON ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE UNDER THE CERTIFICATE TO DOWNLOAD THE CERTIFICATE. THEN PRINT THE CERTIFICATE.


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