Home Projects and Furniture You Can Make from PVC Pipes

In the dog days of summer, your kids will be looking for ways to keep cool and busy, and you’ll likely be brainstorming ways to use that energy for something productive. An excellent way have fun while doing something constructive is to take on a few craft projects using PVC pipes. PVC pipes are sturdy, so you’ll enjoy an end product that you can actually use. And they’re easy to work with, meaning your entire family can get involved.

Here are three easy summer projects you can get started on right away.

1. PVC Table

Start simple with a table. You can probably think of a million uses for a small PVC table — holding drinks in the backyard, doing crafts in the garage, affordable end tables that can take a beating from time to time. It’s inexpensive and is an excellent way to introduce your kids to PVC crafts.

What you’ll need:

-          1-1/4” PVC pipe
-          (1) 1-1/4” PVC five-way cross connector
-          (1) 1-1/4” PVC table cap
-          (1) 15” wood round tabletop
-          (4) 1-1/4” PVC internal domed end caps
-          (3) 1/2” wood screws

How to do it:
-          Cut the PVC pipe into five segments: four 7” pieces and one 28” piece
-          Insert the four 7” segments into the bottom four holes of the five-way cross connector
-          Insert the domed end caps into the exposed ends of the four segments
-          Insert the 28” segment into the top of the five-way cross connector
-          Secure the table cap to the bottom center of the tabletop using the wood screws
-          Place the completed tabletop/cap onto the 28” segment
-          Enjoy your new PVC table

2. PVC Chair

You’ve got a cool new table. Now you need chairs to go with it. For outdoor summer activities, nothing beats a lightweight PVC camp chair. Don’t worry, they are easy to make!

What you’ll need:

-          A 1” PVC pipe
-          (8) 1” elbows
-          3” bolts
-          7”x18” canvas or rip stop nylon with a 2.5” casing sewn into the two long sides

How to do it:
-          Cut the PVC pipe into the following segments: four 15” pieces, two 10” pieces and two 7” pieces
-          Take the long pieces and drill a hole in the center
-          Attach an elbow to the end of a 7” segment and one to the end one of the 10” segments
-          Slide those two segments into the nylon casings
-          Now connect the 15” pieces into the elbows
-          With the remaining elbows, connect the other 10” and 7” pieces to form two rectangles that are connected by fabric at the top
-          Fit them together to make the drilled holes line up and the chair makes an X shape
-          Use bolts to secure it
-          Have a seat!


3. Clubhouse

Now we get to the fun stuff. You can make a cheap and sturdy frame for a child’s playhouse using PVC pipes. It’s fun to assemble, and surprisingly simple.

What you’ll need:

-          1” PVC pipe
-          (4) 1” PVC 4-way tee connectors
-          (4) 1” PVC 3-way elbow connectors
-          (4) 1” PVC 45-degree connectors
-          (2) 1” PVC 90-degree connectors

How to do it:

-          Cut the PVC pipe into the following segments: four 2” pieces, four 28” pieces and twelve 40” pieces
-          For the walls, insert two of the 40” segments into 90-degree connectors (on just one end)
-          Insert two of the 40” segments into the 3-way elbow connectors (on just one end)
-          Use two of the 40” segments to connect one of the assembled segments from each of the previous two steps so that you have two U-shaped segments
-          Connect those two U-shaped segments by inserting a 40” segment into the open holes of the 3-way elbow connectors
-          For the top of the walls, take four 40” segments and make a square, connecting them using four 4-way tee connectors
-          On the open ends of the 4-way tee connectors that face up, insert four 2” segments
-          One top of those 2” segments, place four of the 45-degree connectors
-          For the roof, make two two-sided triangles (upside-down V’s) by connecting two 28” segments with two 3-way elbow connectors
-          Connect the two triangles at the top by inserting the remaining 40” segment into the open hole of the 3-way elbow connectors
-          Now you can connect the three main sections by simply placing the roof section into the open connectors of the top of the wall, then inserting the top of the wall into the connectors of the wall
-          With your completed frame, feel free to cover it however you see fit, and enjoy your new PVC clubhouse

Credit: http://www.commercial-industrial-supply.com

Author Bio:

Amanda Hill is a part of the content team at PVC Fittings Online, a pvc fittings supplier for industrial, commercial and consumer customers. Amanda spends a lot of time crafting DIY projects to showcase the benefits of PVC products. You can learn more about all the projects created by visiting her on Google+.