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A few years ago, my wife decided that she would start her own childcare business. One of the regulations in our state is that you need a backup provider in case you are sick or cannot care for the kids. I work at home and it just made sense for me to become licensed to be the backup provider for my wife. Some people might think it is a little strange that a man is a childcare provider. However, after raising two of my own children, I can guarantee you that we men are qualified!

As most of you know, there are several classes you must take to become licensed in your teacher professional development. CPR, first aid, medicine administration etc. It can be difficult remembering how long each certification is good for and when you must renew. I kept getting caught with only a short period of time to take a class to prevent my certification from lapsing and frantically searching for a class I could take.

So, how did I keep up with all of the dates?

What I did is set up a separate calendar in Microsoft Outlook called “Reminders”. I then entered the renewal dates for all my certifications and set up 3 month and 6 week reminders. It’s easy to sync my phone with my computer, so now I have both my computer and phone hounding me to get signed up for the classes I need.

Click on this link for instructions from Microsoft. If you have an Apple product, click on this link for instructions on how to set up these reminders on iCal.

When we created Childcareclassroom.com, we didn’t want people running into the same problems we used to have in our never-ending teacher professional development. Because of that, we decided that we would have users enter the renewal date for their license. This way we can send everyone a reminder and help prevent them from the frantic search at the last minute.